Our Heavenly Father’s heart yearns for us to be restored to His favor and Mercy. We were made to be loved by Him – receiving His love and transmitting it to others. This is the basis of the new commandment. “A new commandment I give you that you love one another as I have loved you.”
No matter where we have wandered He invites us to return to His love, protection and care. Because, on the Cross, He transferred our sin, guilt and shame onto His Son Yeshua, the way is open for EVERY single person to return to Him and receive His agape love.
When we return to Him through repentance, we recognize and receive the benefits of what He has done for us in the Atoning Sacrifice we are fully reconciled to Him. Our past sins are no longer mentioned, and we are restored to an unclouded relationship with Our Loving Heavenly Father. We become undeserving heirs of His blessings and provision for every aspect of life. Even more, we are liberated from the bondage of the fallen selfish nature (passed on to us through our heritage all the way back to Adam) and receive a new spirit and a new nature - the Spirit and nature of the resurrected, glorified Jesus. His resurrection life become our life.
This great universal grace is available to every human being throughout the world – but they need to hear about it and deliberately receive it.

What Comes Next?
But we are more than passive receivers of Our Heavenly Father’s love and benefits we are also commissioned and empowered to be active transmitters of His overcoming love and life.
We are invited to partner with Jesus in transmitting to others what we have received ourselves – the love life and mercy of Our Loving Heavenly Father. He restores us to the favor of God, Our Father and then sends us to continue His

mission of mercy. “As the Father sent me so I send you” (John 20.21)
In becoming partners with Him we are directed and empowered to love as He loved and live as He lived. As John puts it “As He is in the world so are we.“ (1 John 4.17)
We are encouraged
(1) to make our home in the love and care of the Heavenly Father.
(2) to live by the New Commandment – to love one another as He has loved us… i.e. to lay down self-seeking to be channels of love to all men even their enemies.
(3) to partner with the glorified Jesus to show others how they too can be connected with the love and blessing of God their Heavenly Father and empowered for themselves to walk in His loving ways.
These instructions cannot be carried out by self-righteous effort but only by continuously leaning on, drawing from and relying on Jesus’ life and presence to empower us – by living in total dependence on Him.

Once we have received restoration to the love and care of Our Heavenly Father we can now give ourselves to be channels of God’s love, life and peace to others. None of this comes from within ourselves - that would be impossible - but we draw everything from the life of the Glorified, Resurrected Jesus. This is what Jesus shows when He compares us to branches attached to a vine that produce fruit as long as they draw from the vine. “I am the vine; you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” (Jn 15.5)
The branch does not produce its own sap - it receives it from the vine, draws it into itself and then passes it up the vine to the maturing grapes. The task of the branch is simply to remain attached, and to receive and pass on the life-giving sap that flows to it and through it.
The branch abides in the vine in two ways. (1) It receives life from the root beneath it, and (2) it passes on life to the fruit above it. For the branch to be fruitful it has to be connected to the root below receiving life and pass this life on towards the grapes.
The believer who has become securely attached to and connected with the love and life of God - Father, Son & Holy Spirit lives and remains in God’s life and nature not just by receiving but also by transmitting God’s life and nature.
We live (abide) in what we receive. We are in what we give out. Some believers try to transmit (give out) without receiving - this is self-righteousness. Others try to receive without transmitting (giving out) - this is self-centeredness. If someone receives God’s love and passes on bitterness and resentment, He is not living in love - he is living in resentment. If someone receives God’s forgiveness and passes on unforgiveness – he is living in unforgiveness. The life does not come from what we pass on, but without passing it on we are not fully living in nor are we fruitful. As John says, "God is love and the one who lives in love lives in God and God lives in Him." (1 John 4.16)
Some believers ignore their privilege and responsibility to transmit the nature, life, words, works and ways of Jesus to others. They focus only on what they can receive without paying enough attention to what they pass on. To live in the highest union with the Father and the Son requires we give ourselves over to continuously receive and pass on His love and life. When these elements come together it creates spiritual contagion. Bringing together both these elements in the life of every believer is essential to advance of the Kingdom of God’s love and life in the world. This will be the major key to the next great awakening.

The prayer “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace” encapsulates this dual aspect of abiding in God by receiving and transmitting better than any prayer. In these words we ask to become channels of peace: to overcome hatred with love, offense with forgiveness, and doubt with faith.
The prayer, however, is incomplete. It can be expanded. Because we are connected to the life and Person of the Resurrected Glorified Jesus, we are empowered to be more than channels of peace and pardon but channels of every aspect of Jesus’ life and nature.
• We are called and empowered to be
• Channels of all nine fruit of the spirit – love, joy (cheerfulness), peace, patience, kindness (compassionate action), goodness (generosity), faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
• Channels of the life giving words, message and works of Jesus, including healing the broken hearted, comforting those who mourn, lifting up the oppressed and manifesting the supernatural healing power Jesus.
As a channel the believer does not really do these works at all - it is the Father and the Son that do these works with him and through him. He simply yields Himself to draw from and pass on the life of Another. “My life is His Life and His Life is my life.”
The power we receive at Pentecost is the power to be channels of His power. It is not a power that makes us powerful, but a power to be channels of a life and power that are not our own.
Over and over Jesus asserted that the works that He did were not His own and that He could not do them on His own. He was a channel of the words, ways and works of the Father. “The words that I speak to you I do not speak on My own authority; but the Father who dwells in Me does the works.” (John 14.10)
In a similar way, as we abandon our selfish agendas and self-righteous energy we can yield ourselves to be channels of His ways, His words and His works. In this way our abiding will be complete and fruitful and the Father will be glorified. The world will see the love and actions of the Glorified Jesus coming through His followers.
‘Let you light so shine before men that they may see your good works (which are not really our works at all) and glorify my Father who is in heaven.” (Matt. 5.16)

“In blessing we are blessed,
in loving we are loved
in giving we receive everything from God above.
For it is not the hearing of the word but the doing of it that makes it a reality;
that’s what living in the Kingdom is all about for people like you and me.”
Be Blessed & Be A Blessing


Exclusive And Specific Directions
“'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’”
Is He (Jesus) being exclusive or is He just being specific?" If someone wanted to get to his home in Miami from Key West they would need to take I-95. He's saying: “I want to be so specific with you because I love you so much and I am for you. I want to give you clear-cut directions. I am the greatest GPS you could ever have” ... He is a constant companion.
God is not mad at you, He's madly in love with you. Jesus didn't come to make bad people good. Get a new narrative. It's way bigger than that. He came to make dead people alive in Him...God is here and He loves you."
- Pastor Rich Wilkerson quoted in Fox News

The Resurrected Jesus – Your Life
The energy which enabled Him to arise and ascend from the tomb, above all the forces of nature, was not for Himself. That marvelous (resurrected) body belongs to your body. You are a member of His body .. your physical life has a right to draw from His physical life its support and strength… Will you take Him thus today? Then you will not be merely healed, but have a new life (His life) a flood of life that will sweep disease away and remain a fountain of life. -A.B. Simpson “Himself”

Carefree Union
For a long time I observed that I would load myself up with weights and duties beyond my ability to cope with them, but when I would get to the end of myself the whole load would be lifted and I would become light, free and happy and without a care or a burden or a responsibility except to live in union with Him. .. In this union He does the work.
It is the happiest thing on earth for Him to do His blessed work through us. But what a burden to feel that you are called to do things that you haven’t the ability to do. We have no ability to do supernatural things except through union with Him so that He does them in, through and as us.” - Rufus Moseley “Ineffable Union With Christ”

What is Messianic Judaism"

When the Gospel first went forth, it went forth in Israel. Those who received the Gospel were exclusively Jews. … However somehow over time, the idea of being Jewish and believing in Yeshua became contradictory. This goes against everything we see in the book of Acts. Jewish believers in the New Testament continued to live as Jews. ..
Messianic Judaism is not about getting Christians to become Jews. The beauty of the Body of Messiah is that it is made up “from every nation, tribe, people and language.” (Rev. 7:9) …. If every believer identified as a Jew, there would be no value in Jewish calling. And, yet, Paul says, “there is much in every way.” (Rom. 3:4)
If you fast forward to 1983 when I came to Yeshua, somehow, I falsely believed that I was no longer a Jew. This is how many Jewish believers felt until they read the New Testament or met other Messianic Jews. Think about it … how can “all Israel be saved” (Rom. 11:26) if every Jew left his Jewish identity when he embraced the Gospel? … God was emphasizing the importance of Jewish believers continuing to live as Jews and being a witness to the larger Jewish world.
However, Messianic Judaism worldwide needs a touch from heaven. Many congregations look more like an Orthodox synagogue than a vibrant New Covenant expression of authority. Many are so focused on Jewish identity or teaching Jewish Roots, that they have forgotten that the first Messianic congregation was birthed in supernatural power. In Acts 2, we see the presence of God falling on Jerusalem and thousands of Jews coming to Yeshua. Sadly, many Messianic rabbis resemble the Pharisees more than the apostles.
I am not saying this to be offensive or judgmental. It is just a fact. We need a new visitation and we need the body of Messiah worldwide to stand with us in prayer. May God breathe afresh on us.
– Ron Cantor “Tikkun Newsletter”

Why Religon Will Dominate the 21st Century
One of the most common assumptions is that .. as a society gets more advanced, .. religiosity naturally fades away and is replaced by a more secular worldview. But when you look at the actual trends across the world, what becomes apparent is actually the opposite:
One need only look at South Korea, which was one of the poorest countries on the planet at the end of World War II, and is now one of the richest and most technologically advanced… At the same time that South Korea experienced this astonishing growth, Christianity in the country grew from less than 1 percent of the population to about 30 percent today. In America, higher proportions of people today than in the 1950s are declaring belief in God, having had a religious experience, or praying frequently.
What about the rest of the world? Is it secularizing? To the contrary, religion is becoming one of the most important forces shaping the fate of most countries in the world. - Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry “This Week” May ‘15


Dear Friends,
We trust that this summer you are enjoying the sunshine of Our Heavenly Father’s love and blessing. Even when there are clouds in the sky may you continue to draw from His strengthening help. We are always glad of this opportunity to keep in touch and remain connected with you.

Ministry In Europe
As we write this newsletter we are preparing to return to Ireland, U.K. and Israel for the months of September and October. We were greatly encouraged by our time of ministry there in April and May as we sensed a freshness of the spirit. Churches were growing, people were hungry, and new meetings were emerging. The emphasis was less on the problems of the land and more on the power of the Cross & the Resurrection of Jesus.
Just as we left Ireland, Brother Yun from China and did a series of meetings. One pastor describing the meetings wrote: “Brother Yun has both encouraged and challenged the church of Christ here in Ireland to look and focus on, Jesus , the finished work of the cross and the resurrected life of Christ available for all mankind with the intention to reach the lost for Christ in this end time.” We agree 100%.
The free distribution of our specially printed edition of the New Testament “Good News For Ireland Today” continues to be freely distributed through the help of churches and evangelists for outreach to non-believers. Let us know if you would like some.
Our own books “Christianity Without Religion”, “The Supernatural Habits," "Life Changing - World Changing Prayer", “The Beatitudes”, “Good News In Israel’s Feasts", "The Four Great Covenants" , "Salvation of Spirit Soul & Body" and many other titles are still available and widely distributed.

Ministry In Florida
June – August in Stuart has been a time of regrouping. During these months we have been blessed with ministry at LAHIA in Stuart, Open Door House of Prayer in Ft. Pierce, Victory In Christ in Jupiter, Vero Worship Centre, as well as house meetings in Waynesville North Carolina c/o Jane Workman and Ft. Pierce Florida c/o Lanell Williams
When we return to Europe we have a full calendar of meetings for September and October in Ireland, U.K. and our annual Bible Study Tour of Israel. Please pray for these meetings to be fruitful and effective.
As important as it is to pray for the political order in our lands to be righteous, it is even more important that we pray earnestly for all unbelievers in our lands who live without the knowledge and life of God to turn to Him and receive His life and help. This is the greatest priority of the believers’ prayer.
Our Bible Study Tour to Israel once again is from September 18th - 27th and there is opportunity to join us. What about it?
Our deepest thanks to all who help us with encouragement, prayers and financial support. This ministry does not function without you. Let us know if we can serve you in any way.
One in His great love and service,
Paul & Nuala


Israel tour 2019

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