Seven Spheres of Prayer

“And I will pour out on the people of Jerusalem a spirit of supplication and prayer and they shall look on him whom they have pierced.” (Zech. 12)

“In the Last days I will pour out my spirit on all flesh and your sons and daughters will prophecy.” (Joel 2)

The outpouring of the spirit of prayer precedes any advance of God’s purposes. Believers are call as a kingdom of priests. We are an army of prayer warriors calling down God’s will into our world.

Prayer is too often relegated to the specialty of a few church members known as “the intercessors”. It is time for us to rediscover it as the greatest responsibility of the entire church. As God prepares to move afresh in our land and over the nations the church will gather to pray as often as it does to hear the word of God. The outpouring of the spirit of supplication precedes the recognition of the atoning sacrifice of God and produces prophecy, preaching and repentance.

The relegation of the prayer ministry of the church to a small group of believers within the church must end. Every member – both corporately and individually is called to become part of God’s army of prayer. He is waiting for us to come into agreement with Him, lock our wills into His will so that He can release more of His kingdom on the earth.

There are seven major area to which our petitionary prayer should be targeted. Through the exercise of the true priestly ministry of prayer – the prayer ministry of the entire church – we can change the destiny of our lives and of our nation.

Ourselves (Lk. 17.3, 1 Chr. 4.10; 1Cor 14.4)
Our Families (Eph. 3.15)
Our Churches (Eph. 6.18,19)
Our Cities. (1 Tim 2.2, Jer. 29.7)
Our Nation (1 Tim 2.2 Mt. 6:9-13)
The Harvest Fields (1 Tim. 2.2, Mt 6:9-13)
The Nation Of Israel (Gen 12:3, Ps. 122)

Three Dimensions of Prayer

Within each of the seven spheres of prayer there are three dimensions of prayer – UPWARDLY to God, OUTWARDLY in blessing and confession, and DOWNWARDLY binding any spirit on the earth blocking these prayers and blessings.

UPWARDLY in Jesus Name towards God in accordance with John 16:26, Isaiah 45:11, Mark 11:24 etc.
OUTWARDLY in Jesus Name in blessing and pronouncing words of life into the situation we are blessing, in accordance with Numbers 6:23-25, Mark 11:23 etc.
DOWNWARDLY In Jesus Name binding any evil hindering spirit that would hinder these prayers being answered or stand in the way of these blessings, in accordance with Mark 11:23, Jas. 4:7 etc.



When we pray for ourselves we pray that we will be filled with the Spirit of God, with wisdom love and compassion and empowered to live a life pleasing to the Lord bearing fruit in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge and love of God.
We pray God’s blessing on our spirit, soul, and body and that He will keep us blameless in each of these realms.
We pray that the Lord will not only bless us more and more but also make us a greater blessing to others.
We speak forth and confess that God is fulfilling these prayers and we bless ourselves by speaking word of life over ourselves.
We bind any spirit operating within us or against us to hinder the answer to these prayers.


We pray that they may know and serve the Lord, and live lives fully pleasing to Him. We pray that they may be strong in spirit and blessed and kept blameless in spirit, soul and body. we pray that they may know and fulfill God’s call on their lives and prosper in all their work of their hands.
We speak forth God’s will in prayer blessing them.
We bind any spirit hindering the answer to these prayers.


We pray for our churches that they will become centers of teaching, healing and evangelism and mighty centers for the Spirit of God.
We pray that they will not lack in any good gift and be places where every one is loved and welcomed.
We pray for the church to be a mighty instrument of revival and blessing in our city and for each member to be taught of the Lord, blessed by the Lord and mightily inundated with the Spirit and fully surrendered to His leadership.
We pray for the leaders of the church that they will live lives worthy of their calling and accurately teach the word of God in an anointed and fruitful joyful manner and in a spirit of love.
We speak forth in blessing the will of God on our church and the answers to these prayers.
We bind any spirit of strife confusion blindness etc,. that would hinder the church fulfilling its mission and hinder the answer to these prayers and blessings.


We pray for the, children and families in our cities
We pray for the church in our city that it may be effective in its mission, reach the lost, and mobilize people to know and serve the Lord in our city.
We pray for the blessing of God on the church leaders and for the raising up of effective ministries to reach every section of our city.
We pray for the political leaders of the city, the police, judges, teachers and business leaders that they may be filled with God’s wisdom
We pray for the safety of our neighborhoods and streets and for a peaceful and loving spirit to prevail in our city.
We pray that our city is a place where people love, help and respect each other
We speak forth the blessing of God in line with these prayers upon our city.
We bind any spirit that hinders the answer to these prayers.


We pray for revival to come to our nation and that our nation will turn to God in faith repentance and thanksgiving.
We pray for godly wisdom to guide our spiritual and political leaders, for the Lord to raise up men and women after His heart and remove those who do not have his heart.
We pray for the church to be raised up afresh as a mighty force that can people of all ages and .
We bless our nation by speaking forth the will of God over it.
We bind every spirit that would hinder the answer to these prayers.


We pray for the Holy Spirit and the word of God to blanket the nations.
We pray for anointed gospel workers to be raised up for every corner of every nation
We pray for godly men to be raised up in poetical office and for the ungodly to be overthrown.
We bless the nations by speaking forth God’s will upon them
We bind every spirit working on the earth that hinders their response to the gospel and the fulfillment of their destiny.


We pray that they will fulfill their special destiny and be kept safe in the land as they return from the nations to their ancient territory.
We pray that they turn to the God of the Fathers as the Holy Spirit is poured out upon them,
We pray that they might know their Messiah and discover the peace of the kingdom of God.
We pray for their leaders to be wise, alert guided by the Lord and surrendered to His will.
We bless them by sending forth in Jesus name the blessings we pray for them.
We bind every spirit of blindness, destruction and terrorism with an assignment against Israel, or that would hinder the answer to these prayers and the plans of God for them.


It is equally important for the Body of Christ (individually and corporately) to know that God our Father longs for us to spend time with him – not for our sake or the blessings received through prayer but FOR HIS SAKE.

He waits for us to acknowledge our need of Him, our Creator. We were created for HIS PLEASURE (Rev.4.11). He ENJOYS our fellowship.

Let us take time to give Him pleasure. As we praise and thank him, he fights our battles. (2 Chronicles 20)