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We are pleased to make this special edition of the New Testament for Ireland available for evangelists and for all who want to share the Good News with the Irish people.
The Book includes an 18 page introduction explaining the importance of the Bible and how it is in a special way the heritage of the Irish people. It explains the work of the Cross and how to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.
Since we began the project a few years ago over 20,000 copies have been distributed in the land and we have now printed another 5,000 copies which are available to you and to your friends to be used in door-to-door, street witness or other similar outreaches.
We request that they not be used for church use - they are for the unreached and the unchurched.
They are available in bundles of 80, and you can take as many as four bundles at a time. They can be picked up from our friend John Purcell at his company "The Good Herdsmen" Clogheen Road, R668, Cahir, Co. Tipperary, E21 TW40, Ireland Phone: (+353) 52 744 5500