Eight Blockages to Healing

1) The greatest spiritual blockage to healing is not being reconciled God though the blood of Jesus.

2) Having unforgiveness and bitterness, towards ourselves and others.
Being oppressed by fear and stress.

3) Not knowing the God is able and willing to heal.

4) Not turning to God for help. This includes not knowing healing is God’s will and not seeking God’s healing and repair of our bodies though Jesus. Not using our biblically inspired faith.

5) Being impatient at the process of healing and abandoning faith for healing. Healing is sometimes instant but more often it takes time.

6) Not allowing God’s life and love to flow into our hearts and bodies.

7) The maintenance of lifestyles that have caused the disease in the first place. Some believers look at healing in a magical way and ignore that allowing God’s blessing into our lives may require not only the faith to reach out to him but the faith to turn away form unhelpful habits. E.g. It is unrealistic to ask God to heal us of a sexually transmitted disease if we continue to break his law governing the safe and healthy use of sex within monogamous heterosexual relationships. Such failure to turn away from wrong practices and still expect God to heal us are what the scriptures call ”presumption.”

8) A broken heart. (See special section on ‘The Broken Heart.”)