Healing the Broken Heart

Proverbs says:

“A merry heart does well like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones..” Proverbs 17:22
How amazing is the wisdom of the scriptures! The wet part of our bones is of curse our bone marrow. The bone morrow produces disease fighting white blood cells, which are the most essential part of our immune system.

We can therefore paraphrase the proverb:

“A merry heart does well like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones.” “As a merry heart does well like a medicine but a broken spirit compromises and represses the immune system.”

While doctors can prescribe medicines to increase blood cell production and in severe cases give a bone marrow transplant, Jesus can heal our broken hearts.
“ The spirit of the Lord is upon me for the Lord has anointed me to heal the broken hearted” (Isaiah 61.1)

Jesus came to heal the broken hearts of this world – yours and mine included Hearts that are defeated by grief sorrow bereavement and disappointment are healed when we turn to God our Father, through Jesus, and allow his love into those areas which human love did not reach.

We have found in praying for cancer patients that when we pray healing into the broken heart of the person with the cancer, there have been tremendous results. This is not of course to say that all cases of cancer have their roots in the broken heart but many do. When we recognize and admit where our hearts have been broken we can open our hearts for God to heal them.