The Gospel of the Kingdom

“This gospel of the kingdom will be preached as a sign to every nation and then the end will come.”

The gospel of the kingdom is the joyous message of the advance of God’s rule of love to rescue man from oppression and misery and restore him to God’s care, God’s purpose God’s image and God’s blessing. It is a message of great love, great joy and great hope.

The gospel of he kingdom is the announcement of God’s historic and continuous intervention to restore us to Himself through the atoning sacrifice and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

It is firstly a gospel of forgiveness of sin – but it is much more. It is also the message of the restoration of our lost destiny and purpose. We who once were sons of darkness through the redemption become sons of light and sons of God.

We have a new identity a new destiny, a new nature, a new purpose and a new spirit. Identity- with Adam and his fallenness is replaced with identity with Christ and. His dominion. The curses of separation are replaced by the blessings of the Father’s house. Our relationship with the earth is altered, as now in union with the resurrected Jesus, we become agents of His love hope salvation healing and redemption on the earth. We are no longer waiting to escape the burden of the earth but we are agents of blessing to it.

This gospel of the kingdom proclaims not only that individuals can be restored to God’s purpose but also that ultimately the whole creation will be brought back to His dominion at the return of Messiah Jesus to Jerusalem.

And so the Gospel of the Kingdom must include the following elements:

  • Forgiveness of sins,
  • Emancipation from darkness including deliverance from dark spirits and their bondages
  • Receiving the Holy Spirit the life of the resurrected Jesus, which transforms and empowers us to see the kingdom live in the kingdom and walk in the love and joy of the kingdom.
  • Surrender to God’s purpose & to the leadership of the King of the Kingdom messiah and Good Shepherd Jesus
  • Blessed rule of God over our spirit mind bodies and circumstances, bringing us kingdom wisdom, healing and sure supply
  • Restoration of God’s image in us and our new identity as sons of God
    Commissioning to manifest God’s emancipating power to others.
  • The eventual triumph of God’s kingdom over all earthly kingdoms

The kingdom of God includes not only the full restoration of man to fellowship with God but also the benign and blessed rule of God over our spirit soul body finances life and eventually over all nations. Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God is at hand. God’s grace, power and mercy have come to lift us like Cinderellas from the ashes of our fallen-ness and into loving fellowship with him in His Father’s house. His kingdom covers every area of life,

#1 The area of the spirit

Our spirits are released from their chains of guilt and filled with the life, love and joy of God’s Spirit, and presence,

#2 The area of the soul – the mind

  • Our wills no longer dulled by confusion can actively choose the will and purpose of God,
  • Our understanding of who God is and who we are in relationship to Him is completely revolutionized.
  • Our emotions once oppressed with heaviness vibrate to the joy of heavenly places.

#3 The area of lifestyle and behavior.

Released from the bondage of separation from God’s provision our daily work becomes not only a channel of provision but also a means of serving others with our natural and spiritual gifts.

#4 The area of the body

Jesus manifested the arrival of the kingdom of God by healing all who came to them. He then took all the diseases of mankind upon Himself and sent His followers to proclaim and apply these benefits to the people of the earth.

Health is the greatest of all temporal blessings. The Lord not only took our sins but He gives resurrection life to our bodies,

“The spirit which raised Jesus from the dead will give life to our mortal bodies. “ (Romans 8:11) Our bodies are sustained and energized by a supernatural life force – the Holy Spirit.

“The kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God and of his Messiah. “ (Revelation 12:18)

The scriptures tell us that the final victory of the kingdom and destruction of “the unkingdom” will be preceded by

1) The gospel of the kingdom being preached to every nation

2) The regathering of Israel.

3) Increasing troubles on the earth such as war famine, and natural disasters before these plagues are finally vanquished at the return of the Lord working directly and though His people

A Kingdom Not OF But TO This World

“The kingdom of God is not food or drink but righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.” (Rom15)

A Kingdom Not OF But To This World

“The kingdom of God is not food or drink but righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.” (Rom15)

God’s kingdom brings peace, love, joy, health, and hope and wisdom to this world. The world yearns and seeks for these things but cannot find them within the closed circuit of its own systems. Jesus the man form heaven brings these things to us from the realm of heaven and through us to the world around us. Earth cannot operate without the rulership of Jesus the love of from) God and the life of the Holy Spirit. The kingdom of God is found on earth wherever we receive this heavenly empowerment for life and show it forth by expressing the love, joy and peace of the Holy Spirit.

The Kingdom of God brings to every area of human need what every political order strives to bring but cannot and brings what every moral seeks to establish but cannot. It is the yearning and hope that God has placed in the heart of every one of us.

The world will increasingly discover this and the pressures of the times are preparing -us to be increasingly hungry for and open to the gospel life power of the kingdom of love and joy. The rediscovery of the full gospel of the kingdom will revolutionize the way we express Christianity in the years ahead.

#5 The Area Of World Government

Finally the kingdom includes the replacement of the present ruling kingdoms of this world i.e. the present political economic religious and educational systems with the rule of Jesus when He returns.